Particle Finishing Machine

Particle Finishing Machine

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Machine Overview

This product is specially designed for particle sandblasting, which provides nano-level surface treatment for components. The equipment uses compressed air as the power to eject elastic abrasive materials at high speed onto the surface of the workpiece, so that the cleanliness and roughness of the workpiece surface change slightly. Because the abrasive particles used in this equipment are exceedingly small,  it can remove the burrs on the surface various parts, narrow grooves, blind holes, and other corners. Different abrasive media can also be used to finely process parts of different materials at the same time. The machine can be widely applied to many fields such as micro-hole deburring, mold polishing, tool passivation and part roughness improvement.


● New advanced technology and processing method. 

● Controllable processing precision without changing the shape or tolerance of the parts. 

● Dry processing with less dust, can achieve dust-free production.

● Durable abrasive media, can be equipped with an abrasive regeneration device that greatly reduces the cost.

●  Products of various specifications can be customized.

●  According to user needs, it can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading devices to realize automatic production.

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