Robot Deburring Finishing Machine

Robot Deburring Finishing Machine

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■ Machine Overview

The robot deburring machine is mainly designed for parts that are difficult to remove burrs, such as milling cutter exports, intermittent cutting,  joint surface of casting/forging and machining, to perform precise deburring tasks. Promax’s unique deburring technology and tools  will simplify and automate the process. It can be customized based on customer’s needs, which greatly helps to control deburring quality and production progress. 

■ Highlights

●  Great flexibility, wide application range and cost effective. One equipment can meet the needsof deburring for a variety of products.

●  The price is economical and meets the most extensive deburring automation needs of users.

●  Highly efficient with Promax's latest professional deburring tools and technology.

●  Fully automatic to reduce labor needs. 

●  Mature application software development with user-friendly interface.

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