Microbore Polishing Machine

Microbore Polishing Machine

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■  Machine Overview

The machine is designed for the micro hole which dimension is below 0.5 MM through high speed polishing process. The mechanism is changing water motion into mechanical work. When it works, inner wall of the hole is polished in high speed. Micro defects are repaired, and precision is improved. As the latest technology to replace traditional grinding flow process, quality and efficiency are greatly enhanced. Therefore, cost for single is reduced.

■  Highlights

●  The efficiency is 5 times of traditional process.

●  Uses low cost liquid-based abrasive, the parts are easy to clean after polishing.

●  The whole internal hole is polished at one time, the abrasive can reach any corner of the part.

●  Polishing deepness and effect can be adjusted.

●  The fixtures are compact, convenient and easy to operate.

■  Technical Specifications

流变去毛刺设备 11.png

■  Applications



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