Super finishing machine

Super finishing machine

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■   Machine Overview

This machine adopts nano-finishing technology to overcome the negative effects of regular finishing processes. By highfrequency oscillated abrasive belt short-stoking on the surface, it removes just the peaks of micro-surface layer. The surface roughness is substantially improved  without changing the dimension at the micron level (0.001mm), improving the friction surface wear resistance. Avariety of abrasive belts are available for different requirement of surface parameters, such as Ra,Rz,Rk,Rpk. 

■   Highlights

●  Advanced nanoscale finishing without impairing the physical dimension of the parts. Therefore, the shape and size of the parts at the micron level (0.001mm) is not changed while the  surface flatness is linearly improved, overcoming the negative  effects of other polishing processes.

●  Leading manufacturing technology and rigid quality control process ensuring stable and reliable performance. 

●  Germany built high-frequency oscillating component. 

●  Reliable quality with competitive price. 

●  Modular design ensures simple operation and maintainance. 

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