Rheology deburring machine

Rheology deburring machine

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■  Machine Overview

       The equipment is mainly developed to solve the problem of difficult to remove burrs such as internal cross holes, irregular grooves inside and outside. During operation, the high-pressure abrasive solution is effectively ground through the burr at high speed. The machine is designed to be semi-automatic, and after loading, the device automatically completes the entire work cycle. It can also be equipped with a robot to realize self-feeding. Wide range of applications, interchangeable fixtures can be used to deburr different parts.

■  Highlights

●  The use of aqueous abrasives is low cost and the parts are easy to clean after deburring.

●  Deburring at a fixed point, you can reach any corner where you need to deburr.

●  Deburring strength and effects can be controlled and adjusted.

●  The fixture is simple, easy to assemble and easy to operate.

●  Deburring efficiency is high.

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