T series rotary multi-station deburring machine

T series rotary multi-station deburring machine

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■  Machine Overview

       The equipment is designed for the deburring requirements of multiple parts of complex parts. Dry brush deburring, PLC control, the whole process is completely automatic, the process parameters of the brush are programmed and controlled, automatic compensation, independent control of each process parameter, the working position adopts the rotary mode, the parts rotation and the overall rotation of the turntable adopt different motor control. It can be linked with the fixture to form a multi-axis complex trajectory, and the specific point burr can be removed at a fixed point. The overall safety protection and fault self-diagnosis of the equipment adopts European standards.

■  Highlights

●  Unique deburring process

●  high working efficiency

●  Low failure rate

●   Good flexibility, multi-variety

●   Mature equipment technology, cost-effective

●   Customizable design based on user needs

■  Techniacal Specifications


■  Applications



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