PT140 Series automatic turning deburring machine

PT140 Series automatic turning deburring machine

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■   Machine Overview

This equipment is specific to sharp-edge burrs of parts on the single face or double faces that are formed after double-surface milling and/or grinding. It adopts multi-technology and multi powerheads, integrating the design of wet deburring and cleaning. The multi powerheads are controlled ndependently and could run at the same time. The powerheads are equipped with abrasive belt or multiple disk brushes, with servo lifting control. This machine efficiently removes the burrs on plane which are located on multiple positions, forms uniform radius, and compensates automatically. It is achievable for single-surface/double-surface deburring needs of large parts.

■   Highlights

●  The machine has advanced technology, which effectively removes the  remaining burrs inside pinholes. It is highly efficient in deburring, saving consumables by 30%.

●   It is operated with high precision and perfect radius control. And it doesn’t change either geometric or dimensional tolerance.

●  High production efficiency. The processing speed can be set to 1s/pc.

●  The conveyor belt drive is precisely and reliably powered.  It has long service life and easy to change.

●  The equipped demagnetizing apparatus is of low power consumption. Excellent performance of demagnetizing with lower than 2 gausses.

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■   Applications


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