Economic sheet metal deburring machine

Economic sheet metal deburring machine

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■  Machine Overview

This type of machine is the economic configuration of deburring machines for sheet metal parts. During the deburring process, the first power head removes the burrs on the flanges of the parts, and the second powerhead removes the sharp edges and forms a uniform radius. The machine Keeps a simple structure, but also maintains high efficiency and easy and convenient operation. Each part can be processed in average 2-3 seconds. As the standard machine been mass produced, this machine economically meets the requirements of deburring for common blanking parts. 

■  Higlights

●  Good universality .

●  With advanced technology, the machine effectively removes the big burrs on the flanges, It is highly efficient in deburring.

●  Proven technology and cost effective.

●  Good craftsmanship and reliability.

●  The equipped demagnetizing apparatus is of low power consumption(lower than1Kw). The machine has excellent performance of demagnetizing.

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