Floating deburring


The purpose of floating deburring is to install an automatic deburring in a CNC machining center or robot.

Floating deburring:

At present, most of the domestic factories and even large engine manufacturing companies, such as the engine casing and other workpiece deburring operations are mostly manual, or use hand-held pneumatic, electric tools into the grinding, grinding, boring and other methods to deburr processing, easily lead to product non-performing rate rise And the efficiency is very low, and there is a problem that the surface roughness of the processed product is uneven. Some manufacturers have begun to use robots to install electric or pneumatic tools for automatic grinding. Compared with hand-held grinding, robot deburring can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce costs and improve product yield, but due to mechanical arm rigidity, positioning error and other factors, The robot clamps the electric motor, and the deburring of the pneumatic tool is prone to breakage of the knife or damage to the workpiece when the irregular burr is processed.

In recent years, floating deburring tools that have been widely used in developed countries in Europe and America can effectively solve this problem. Floating deburring can make floating mechanisms and tools can be used for difficult edges, corners, intersecting holes and irregular shape burrs. The workpiece burr is subjected to follow-up processing, and the burr is flexibly removed as the human hand slides over the workpiece burr, which can effectively avoid damage to the tool and the workpiece, and absorb errors in the workpiece and the positioning.

The robot deburring floating tool can automatically change the tool by hand, and carry out multi-process processing. It can also be connected with the robot by thread or other means from an economic point of view. At the same time, the floating tool can also be conveniently installed on the CNC machining center. .


1. Deburring is a step of processing, which avoids time-consuming and laborious manual deburring and high degree of automation;

2, the tool holder can swing +/- 5 degrees or even larger, without the need to precisely define the boundary to deburr;

3, the tool holder can provide power to the machine tool spindle or be powered by an external air source. The main two options are (high-power can also provide electric);

4, can be installed in the CNC machining center or machine hand, and can automatically change the knife;


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