Deburring machine use


1, the workpiece hole removal burr precision grinding

2, remove the oxide film work

3, the surface of the oil trace finished polishing

4, rust removal treatment

5, sintering black mark treatment

6. Polishing and cleaning work in the goldsmith industry

7, small gaps to remove burrs

1, precision stamping parts

2, stainless steel parts, screws.

3, magnesium aluminum die casting parts

4, zinc aluminum die casting parts

5, precision springs, shrapnel parts

6, electronic, computer, communication parts

7, medical equipment, automotive, aerospace precision parts

The removal of the burrs on the billet has two functions: to improve the quality of the billet rolling; and to reduce the damage to the conveying rolls and rolls. After the slab is formed by the continuous casting machine, it is cut according to a fixed length and then transferred to the deburring machine by the drive roller.

Enter the cutting process of Deburring Village. Deburring machine initial state deburring machine plunger beam is at the lowest position, the blade is retracted, and the upper edge of the blade is located below the upper edge of Han Dao. When the billet is conveyed to the grating LB1, the billet traveling speed is lowered from the conveying speed Vt to the deburring speed Ve, and the Vel speed is applied to the grating LB3, and the billet conveyance is stopped. The blade and the plunger beam are simultaneously raised, the blade is pressed against the lower surface of the blank, and the blank is moved to the right at a speed Ve to complete the removal of the hair movement; when the blank is run to the grating LB2, the blade and the plunger beam are simultaneously lowered, and the blank conveyance is stopped, and at the same time The plunger beam is turned over 90° to complete the cleaning procedure. The billet is then moved to the left at a transport speed Vt, entering a procedure for removing the burrs of the tail of the billet, removing the tail burr process as above.

Method of operation

Debugging: After turning on the machine, put the workpiece into the polishing bucket from less to much, the number of the workpiece and the weight and the shape of the workpiece have a relationship, so the workpiece is slowly put into the increase, the workpiece rotation is slowed down, but not The workpiece does not move. When the workpiece is not moving, the polished product liquid will be uneven, and the polishing time will be unnecessarily lengthened.

Before polishing, the surface grease of the workpiece must be cleaned. The polishing liquid can not remove a lot of grease. Otherwise, the workpiece, polishing needle, water, polishing barrel will be black, and the deburring effect will be affected by the slip. When cleaning the polishing needle and polishing the barrel, it is necessary to use the cleaning solution and dry it.


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