Deburring machine application


Process flow:

Into the plate → four brushes (2 up and 2 times) swing → high pressure water washing (30Kg/cm2) → circulating water washing → city water washing → suction drying → drying dry → drying → discharging


The deburring machine is mainly used for special equipment for removing the burrs, surface oxide layer and cleaning board surface of the printed circuit board. The high-pressure cleaning pump of 30Kg/cm2 can completely remove the burrs and dirt on the surface, which is the key equipment to ensure the quality of PCB board.

Deburring machine is widely used in deburring, deflashing, chamfering, descaling, descaling, pre-plating, and processing of small and medium-sized precision parts. The deburring machine has polishing and brightening while deburring. Clean new energy. It is especially suitable for the problem of deburring some components with complex shapes, miniature precision parts, deformed thin arms, thin sheets and narrow slits. The biggest advantage of the deburring machine is that it does not change the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece, the appearance and feel are significantly improved, and it has the functions of polishing and brightening. After polishing, the surface of the workpiece can reach the mirror surface.

The deburring machine has been widely promoted in the mass production of small and medium-sized parts, completely replacing the backward traditional deburring process, and the deburring efficiency and efficiency are significantly improved.

Deburring machines have been widely used in mechanical deburring, deburring of electronic components, deburring of instrumentation, light work, deburring of watch parts, military aerospace, textile equipment deburring, deburring of auto parts, bearing industry, Medical equipment, precision deburring, powder metallurgy, metal stamping deburring, handicrafts, tools and other industries. For small and medium-sized precision workpiece deburring, deflashing, chamfering, descaling, descaling, removal of processing marks, polishing, fine polishing, mirror polishing and other properties significantly improved, can completely replace or exceed the expensive imported deburring polishing Equipment, domestic production companies directly benefit.


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