Sheet metal deburring chamfer new process


In order to improve the industrial economy, Yueen Machinery Co., Ltd. has launched an automated polishing and polishing equipment, the sheet metal deburring machine, which is highly practical and uses advanced automation technology as the core layer of the equipment to meet the deburring process. At the same time, the processing efficiency is high, and all the processing actions of the equipment can be automatically and flexibly controlled, and the automatic pipeline processing of the equipment is realized, and the humanized operation is extremely strong, which meets the requirements of modern industry.

Advantages of sheet metal deburring machine

1. Low cost: consumables are unbound and universal

2. Fast processing speed, according to the processing efficiency requirements, optional single or multi-unit models, processing line speed adjustable from 0.1-28 meters per minute

3. Variable frequency adjustment to meet various processing needs

4. Uniform processing, without hurting the plane, without hurting the protective film

5. Easy to operate, put the product on the conveyor belt and send it automatically through the machine

6. Operation button + digital display, frequency, conveying speed, digitalization, concise and stable

7. The finished product is not deformed after processing, high efficiency, does not affect dimensional accuracy and thickness.

Small hole inner diameter deburring polishing machine

Nowadays, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, hard plastics and many other materials should be produced. After stamping, die-casting, laser cutting, and CNC machining, we can get the workpieces we want, and there are many Irregular porous or internal shaped parts, and through the above various methods, the appearance of burrs is inevitable, burrs have a great influence on the appearance and subsequent processing, so deburring is an indispensable process.

The magnetic deburring polishing machine is specially designed to solve the problem of deburring and polishing of precision metal parts, stainless steel and hard plastic parts. The principle of magnetic deburring polishing machine: using super strong magnetic field, conducting small grinding stainless steel needle, generating high-speed flow, turning head and other actions, rubbing in the inner hole and surface of the workpiece to achieve precision grinding effect such as polishing, cleaning and removing burrs. It takes only 5-10 minutes to complete, without damaging the precision of the workpiece, and instantly refreshing the workpiece. Irregular parts, holes, tubes, dead ends, crevices, etc. can be ground.


1. Remove the rough grinding

2. Removal of oxide film work

3. Polished surface finish

4. Corrosion removal treatment

5. Sintering black trace treatment

6. Polishing and polishing work


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