Cutting, stamping deburring


For some enterprises engaged in small batch cutting and stamping of sheet metal parts, in order to ensure the quality of the products, the surface and corners of these workpieces must be polished and deburred, but deburring has become a problem: if the processing is done, because of the batch Small, some professional processors are not happy, and the quality and delivery time are also difficult to guarantee; to solve it yourself, you need to purchase a set of equipment, the investment is large, and it is not worthwhile. Therefore, the deburring of these workpieces has to be done manually, using a sanding tool. But the effect of deburring is not ideal.

Deburring field Deburring, polishing, chamfering automation, more than a dozen models offer a choice to find a more perfect solution. The passivation deburring machine is specially designed for batch deburring equipment for cutting and stamping parts. It uses several passivation (special brush) under each host to rotate at high speed. The abrasive slides over the edge of the product and all corners pass through the universal high speed. Rubbing burrs. At the same time, the replacement is performed to make the chamfering and deburring uniform, and the processing is automatically completed while conveying the product through the straight line or the disc.

Iron plate, a familiar term, because it is used in a wide range of manufacturing industries, such as machinery, machinery, automobiles and so on. Iron plates are difficult to produce for a long time to produce floating rust. Due to the needs of the process, some processing methods are used to achieve the specifications we want. Commonly, there are flame cutting, sawing, etc., and after subsequent processing, a lot of burrs are generated. Cutting the hand, this is very unfavorable for future process requirements and must be removed.

For the grinding and deburring method of iron plate, artificial sanding, brush and other simple tools are used for grinding; using the grinding machine, the grinding machine design drives the upper grinding seat and the steel wire flat brush through two cylinders, and the two hydraulic cylinders drive the lower grinding seat and The wire brush is reasonable to realize the moderate compression and loosening of the tool and the workpiece during the grinding; the working process results show that the transmission mechanism outputs the torque input from the geared motor to the upper and lower grinding seats respectively, which drives the two to move back and forth. The flat brush cleans and polishes the running steel plate to remove the rust. The two methods of manual grinding and sanding are inefficient, labor intensive, and uneven in process quality.

In the plane sheet metal deburring process, we have developed a special-purpose equipment, which uses the universal grinding wheel to rotate at high speed, the sand line slides over the corner surface of the workpiece, the burrs are evenly removed, and the high-end machining effect is evenly chamfered. The main part is chamfered, and the friction on the plane is very small. Automatic transmission, high efficiency, suitable for batch processing.


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