Stamping and cutting parts deburring


For some enterprises engaged in small batch cutting and stamping of sheet metal parts, in order to ensure the quality of the products, the surface and corners of these workpieces must be polished and deburred, but deburring has become a problem: if the processing is done, because of the batch Small, some professional processors are not happy, and the quality and delivery time are also difficult to guarantee; to solve it yourself, you need to purchase a set of equipment, the investment is large, and it is not worthwhile. Therefore, the deburring of these workpieces has to be done manually, using a sanding tool. But the effect of deburring is not ideal.

Deburring field Deburring, polishing, chamfering automation, more than a dozen models offer a choice to find a more perfect solution. The passivation deburring machine is specially designed for batch deburring equipment for cutting and stamping parts. It uses several passivation (special brush) under each host to rotate at high speed. The abrasive slides over the edge of the product and all corners pass through the universal high speed. Rubbing burrs. At the same time, the replacement is performed to make the chamfering and deburring uniform, and the processing is automatically completed while conveying the product through the straight line or the disc.


1. Suitable for laser cutting, CNC, ordinary punching, die-casting, wire drawing, metal burrs after grinding, flanging, cutting sharp edges.

2. For irregular parts, all the irregularities in the hole, including the dead angle of the slit, can be uniformly deburred and evenly chamfered.

3. Uniform removal of the same plane burr, any external size hole hole burr and even chamfering, high-end quality that can not be replaced by manual and other equipment

4. Planar and special-shaped sheet metal laser cutting all-round deburring, all-round uniform chamfering

A lot of electromechanical equipment and daily necessities have to use radiators, such as notebooks, car radiators, etc., its importance is also very important, Imagine your notebook has been running for a long time on a hot summer day, if there is no radiator What is the hot temperature? If the temperature is too high, it will not only affect the normal operation but also shorten the service life.

Products such as heat sinks will have burrs in the groove after milling the plane. Now if the manual deburring / manual deburring every time, it is a waste of too much labor and man-hours. The burrs in the product slots such as heat sinks may sometimes cause employees to cry without tears---big burrs are time-consuming and laborious, and small burrs are not easy to remove!

Magnetic deburring machine, clever magnetic field distribution, conducting fine grinding of stainless steel needles, generating high-speed flow, turning heads and other actions, in the workpiece hole, surface friction, polishing, cleaning, removing burrs and other precision grinding effects can be 5-10 minutes During the time, the fins and the corner burrs are quickly processed very well. The main purpose is to achieve deburring and polishing by tumbling the fine polishing needles against the surface and corners of the product.


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