Plane sheet metal deburring batch processing


Many flat sheet metal processing customers (eg, stamping, laser cutting, etc.) have no particularly demanding requirements for deburring accuracy, but need to meet large-scale deburring processing. The basic requirements of these customers must be two:

The first is that the plane and corners are all polished and deburred; the second is high efficiency. This can meet the needs of high-volume processing and reduce costs by improving efficiency. In response to this situation, the three-unit sheet metal deburring machine Z50-3 multi-function deburring and polishing chamfering equipment provided by Yueen Machinery has been recognized by customers.

Why is the three-unit sheet metal deburring machine Z50-3 multi-function deburring polishing chamfering machine provided by Yueen Machinery is the first choice for deburring large-scale sheet flat workpieces?

This is because the machine is composed of a set of sanding wheels + a set of brush + polishing wheel.

First of all, the work efficiency is high. The sanding wheel grinding process has the advantages of heavy cutting and deburring processing and high processing efficiency. Because the flat workpiece has a large deburring area, the workload is large and the edges are small. Only by first solving the ergonomic bottleneck of planar processing, the entire deburring process can be accelerated.

The second function is all. The sander is highly efficient, but it can only be machined on the plane, but the corner deburring is powerless. The brush disk of the SG configuration can only be processed on the edge but not on the plane. By combining the two processes, it is possible to complement each other, which not only satisfies the deburring requirements, but also enables efficient machining. In addition, the sander also has a drawing function, and the polishing wheel can make the surface treatment more perfect.

Plane sheet metal deburring machine. Using the universal grinding wheel to rotate at high speed, the sand line slides over the corner surface of the workpiece, and the burrs are evenly removed and the chamfered corners are precisely processed. The main part is chamfered, and the friction on the plane is very small.


1. Low cost: consumables are unbound and limited

2. Fast processing speed, according to the processing efficiency requirements, optional single or multi-unit models, processing line speed adjustable from 0.1-28 meters per minute

3. Variable frequency adjustment to meet various processing needs

4. Uniform processing, while not hurting the positive plane, does not hurt the protective film

5. Easy to operate, put the product on the conveyor belt and send it automatically through the machine

6. Cutting friction force digital display, frequency, conveying speed digitally concise and stable

7. The finished product is not deformed after processing, high efficiency, does not affect dimensional accuracy and thickness.


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