Sheet metal deburring machine


Due to the characteristics of its processes and materials, powder metallurgy products make the mechanical and mechanical properties of powder metallurgy products very different from ordinary metal materials. Therefore, the deburring method, process and equipment are very different from ordinary mechanically processed metal materials. Big. After consulting the literature on deburring technology of powder metallurgy products at home and abroad, no reports on this aspect have been found. In actual production practice, most enterprises borrow some mechanical processing of metal material parts to deburr the way, and second, the processing of various enterprises. Based on practicality, the equipment will be transformed by experience.

For some products, the burr is not very serious, the surface roughness is not very high, and the product size is relatively small. The deburring of powder metallurgy materials can use the common vibration vibration deburring method of common metal materials. This method is used in automobiles and motorcycles. Some of the smaller sizes, burr requirements are not very high, and the various types of gears in power tools are more effective. The advantage of powder metallurgy structural parts lies in mass production, and this kind of abrasive vibration deburring method is more suitable for mass production. Moreover, for some workpieces, the quality of the products with relatively small burrs is relatively stable.

For some products, the deburring of powder metallurgy materials with high requirements on burrs, surface roughness and large product size requires the use of abrasive vibration deburring methods commonly used for ordinary metal materials, which not only causes the surface of the parts to be damaged, but also reduces the surface roughness. And for some transmission parts that are extremely demanding on burrs, tiny residual burrs will affect the performance of the product; the common deburring method using common metal materials is due to the porous nature of the powder metallurgy material, and the residual in the pores. The electrolytic medium causes corrosion and rusting of the product; the thermal deburring method commonly used in common metal materials is also difficult to apply to such powder metallurgy material parts, because the physical and mechanical properties of the powder metallurgy material are not very high. It affects the metallographic structure, microhardness and surface layer chemical elements of the surface of the product, and the material pores also have an effect on the thermal deformation resistance of the product, such as various types of driven gears in motorcycle clutches and teeth in automobile engines. Shaped pulley, oil pump gear, cylinder in compressor , Cylinder head and other products, not only affects the overall performance components, but also affect the assembly properties of the product, the user is most likely to find that complain the most serious problems. Deburring ordinary metal parts for such products is difficult to meet.

From the current powder metallurgy enterprises to solve such problems, generally use simple manual operation, some manufacturers are positioning the product on a special tabletop of the desktop drilling machine, the disk brush is mounted on the power head of the drilling machine, by manpower The special countertop causes the rotating disc brush to move relative to the product burr to achieve the function of removing the burr. Although this operation method solves the problem of deburring to some extent, the following two problems exist:

(1) Deburring quality is difficult to control. The time, load and loading angle of the disc-brushed product are judged by the experience of the operator, and there are many human factors, resulting in unstable quality of the deburring in mass production.

(2) Production efficiency is not high. The operator relies on manual loading twice to process only one product, which is labor intensive and makes production difficult to increase.


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