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The two-year filming and production of the ingenuity film "Deburring Brothers" will be broadcasted in the near future. The film is divided into two episodes. The meeting of several classmates of the 86th-level Power Machinery Engineering Department of Shanghai Jiaotong University began, and the two brothers who met each other for more than 30 years (Mr. Zheng Yu, the founder of Pu'er Mai and Mr. Bao Tongrong, the general manager) began to review the classmates. Friends, general cooperation, and finally the co-foundation of Pu'er to the burr company and the development of the same kind of brotherhood, mutual support and support.

Welcome everyone to watch this issue of "Ingenuity" - "Brothers of Deburring - On"

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June 4, 2019


June 5, 2019


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Shanghai Puyimai Electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Interview video - General Manager Bao Tongrong

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