What are the precautions for deburring of electrochemical deburring machines?


Suzhou deburring machine manufacturers to introduce you to the electrochemical deburring machine to deburring the precautions?

Deburring with an electrochemical deburring machine, due to different workpieces and deburring parts, the electrodes used are different, that is, different workpieces should use different electrodes, and the workpiece and the electrodes have a one-to-one correspondence. The workpiece that needs to be deburred is the anode, and the tool electrode is the cathode. When a certain pressure of electrolyte passes through a narrow gap between the burr on the workpiece and the specially designed tool electrode, the electrolysis voltage is applied for a short time, and then the workpiece is burred or The current in the edge portion is the most concentrated, and the current density is also the largest, so that the burr is quickly dissolved and the corners are rounded.

In the process of electrochemical deburring, the workpiece and the tool electrode are relatively immobile, that is, the electrochemical processing method belonging to the stationary tool cathode. A metal contact between the anode (workpiece) and the cathode (electrode) may cause a short circuit to cause damage to the electrode and the workpiece. Deburring machine Therefore, it is necessary to specify the size and direction of the burr on the workpiece as follows:

1. The length of the burr in parallel with the electrode is not more than 0.8 mm;

2. The maximum thickness of the burr is 0.15mm.

3. For parts, the main and auxiliary cross holes must be hinged by hand.

4. The direction of the burr is parallel to the axis of the hole to avoid and reduce the possible short circuit of the electrode and to reduce the wear of the electrode insulator layer.

5. The type and position of the machined workpiece must be consistent with the electrode used, so that “special parts are used exclusively”, otherwise the workpiece and the electrode will be damaged, which will cause damage to the processing power supply, which should be highly valued.

6. The falling chips and dirt adsorbed on the workpiece will also cause short-circuit faults, processing defects and poor conductive contact during processing. Therefore, the workpiece must be cleaned before being processed.

7. After the workpiece is deburred, the surface of the part is adhered with electrolyte, which must be cleaned and rust-proofed.

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