What are the basic principles for the removal of thermal deburring waste?


What are the basic principles for the deburring machine manufacturer's thermal deburring machine waste removal?

The thermal deburring machine is the waste waste waste that is not needed. What is the basic principle of thermal energy deburring machine waste removal?

When the thermal deburring machine removes the waste, it controls the drop point of the waste so that it is preferably near the operator so that the waste can be eliminated in time. Waste should be dropped once every way to avoid accumulation. Do not have sharp corners in the shape of the waste to avoid sharp corners and sharp corners of the mold from injuring the operator. Secondly, when the thermal deburring machine is in operation, the width and height of the waste passage in the straight line are sufficient. The waste trough should have sufficient strength and rigidity to avoid passing two kinds of waste in one passage. The basic principle of thermal energy deburring waste removal exposes the external waste chute. When the mold is stored, the hinge can be used to close the chute or retract the chute into the mold.

The thermal deburring machine production process is an unconventional but safe deburring method for completely removing loose, fixed-shaped burrs and attachments on the surface of the workpiece. By controlling the transient heat generated by the detonation of the mixed gas surrounding the workpiece, it exceeds the ignition point of the burrs and dirt attached to the workpiece, causing it to oxidize or burn. This is the production procedure for the operation of the entire thermal deburring machine.

The thermal deburring machine production schedule is a repeatable and uniform process that is unaffected by any abrasive media. Through the operation of the thermal deburring machine, all the burrs and residues that cannot be removed by other methods generated during the pre-processing can be completely removed. For single, multiple or bulk workpieces, not only in the processing cycle, but also in the processing quality is uniform.

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