Deburring machine


Deburring machine equipment introduction:

After the scallops are punched, each burr is subjected to strict deburring, so that the burrs in the stamping process are controlled to a minimum. In foreign countries, there are two consecutive deburrings. In the automatic production line of punching chips, two deburring machines are connected online. The deburring machine has a roller wheel type and a belt type deburring machine. The main features of the latter are: fast rotation speed, up to 10~35m/min, easy and fast replacement of the belt, and can adapt to the punching of various shapes and thicknesses. It is said that the deburring quality of the belt is better than that of the roller. The belt is applied to a high-speed rotating rubber belt with a spiral groove, which prevents the belt from being contaminated. The pressure of the belt is controlled by compressed air, which maintains a constant pressure and automatically stops when the belt is damaged or other faults occur.

Mechanical method

With the help of an industrial robot, a rotating wire brush or a grinding wheel is clamped, and the burred portion is polished by the joint arm movement of the robot to remove the burr. The robot can pick a wire brush or a grinding wheel from the shelf of the tool library to accommodate the need to remove burrs on different parts of the part. However, this method is often unsuitable for use in many applications because the arm joint of the robot lacks sufficient rigidity and precision. And because of the different structure of the parts, some parts can not be deburred by this method, and have to be equipped with other deburring equipment.

Vibration method

This is designed for the deburring of smaller turning parts or diamond parts. The parts are placed in a large container filled with granular ceramic media, the size of which varies according to the type, size and material of the burred parts. The rapid reciprocating vibration of the container causes the parts of the part to move and rub against the ceramic medium to remove burrs, and the surface of the part can be polished. The strength of the vibration can be adjusted to accommodate different sized parts.

Thermal method

The process of deburring by thermal energy is a process of oxidizing into a powder at a high temperature. A thermal deburring machine that seals a burred part in a container filled with high-pressure combustible gas and oxygen. The burrs on the part, whether external, internal or blind, are surrounded by the mixed gas. When the spark plug ignites the mixed gas, it generates a transient high-temperature heat wave. Because the surface area to gas ratio of the burr portion is quite high, the burr is burned, and the burr is continuously oxidized and transformed during the cycle of 15 to 30 seconds. Powder the powder and then clean the workpiece with solvent.

This method is the only way to evenly remove burrs. It removes unwanted material from all parts of the part, even removes burrs from difficult internal grooves and intersecting holes, and afterwards No need to check. Therefore, it is widely used in the deburring process of ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts.

Electrochemical method

The electrochemical (also known as electrolysis) deburring machine removes burrs on the part by electrochemically reacting the metal material from the part into the electrolyte. The tool electrode is connected to the negative pole of the DC power supply, the burred part is connected to the positive pole of the power supply, the electrolyte passing through a certain pressure and flow rate is passed in the middle, and then the DC power source is turned on, so that the metal as the anode gradually dissolves electrochemically, and the removal is achieved. The purpose of burrs (or molding).

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