Phoenix Net: Puer walks the market route to create benefits for users


As a deburring machine manufacturer with a background in the US, Shanghai Puyimai has long wanted to introduce an automated deburring machine with high technology content and standardized configuration into the Chinese market to solve the deburring problem in China's manufacturing industry. The level of improvement contributes.

A market route that creates benefits for users

The markets of both buyers and sellers are mutually beneficial and win-win. Before launching each device, it has undergone extensive market research and customer tracking demonstrations. The company insists that most companies can afford high-tech deburring equipment as the market-leading route. First of all, our original deburring equipment is modularized and standardized, which reduces the manufacturing cost and maintenance of the equipment. In addition, we insist on the principle of optimizing the efficiency of artificial labor. The deburring equipment manufactured by our company is highly efficient. One device can replace many people and speed up the cost of recycling equipment. Compared with similar foreign advanced equipment, our company's technology and service level are comparable to those of European and American manufacturers. Even in some fields, our company is superior in technology, but the equipment price is only 1/4 of that of foreign countries. One of the important reasons for choosing to choose our company.

Encourage innovation and focus on talent training

Talents are the main source of enterprise development. Shanghai Pu'er is paying attention to the cultivation of talents and setting a talent benchmark while introducing a large number of talents. It is the company's respect for talents, exerting their respective creativity and subjective initiative. In 2012, the company obtained dozens of national technology inventions and new application patents.

As stated by a user at the customer exchange seminar, the deburring machine manufactured by Shanghai Puyimai has reached the international leading level in technology and can be accepted by most small and medium-sized enterprises in China. It is easy to operate and highly efficient. , stable performance, fast after-sales and other characteristics, saving a lot of management costs and labor costs for enterprises. It is the only R&D manufacturer in China that can be called a burr device.

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