A factory in Shanghai, an industrial town, visited our factory


 On July 27th, an investment center of an industrial town in Shanghai took a hot summer to visit our factory. The team of 4 experts led by the town leaders, after gaining an in-depth understanding of Shanghai Pu's more than ten years focused on the development of deburring machines, and the many national patent certificates and the qualifications of Shanghai high-tech enterprises, the emphasis Visited the design development and production site, and all the leaders and experts present at the scene gave full affirmation. At the same time, the inspection team also gave valuable guidance and suggestions based on the long-term planning of Pu's future burr machine business, combined with the surrounding resources of the local government. It is agreed that the future development of the Pu'ermai burr machine depends on the industry-leading commercial transformation of its industry and the innovation and expansion capabilities of the industry. In the near future, relying on Pu's own profound technological advantages and advanced lean manufacturing capabilities, relying on the funds and channel support of the US companies and the huge potential of the industry, it will open up a broader sky of its own.

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